Growth of Technology: For Better or For Worse

Remember a time when dial-up Internet was the norm, and accessing Internet via your cellphone was a luxury, not a standard?  This was in the same era where your friends and family were still playing Snake on their Nokia instead of Clash of Clans now on their newly bought iPhone.  Our craving, no, our RELIANCE for technology has trained us to always search for an easier way to tap into the world wide web, whether its interacting with family or finding an easier way to shop.  One hour, one minute, or even ONE SECOND can mean all the difference in the world, whether you are operating a business, or bidding for an item that you want to get for Christmas.

While I am on the topic regarding shopping, how many of us have purchased something online?  Statistics show that MORE THAN 80% of the online population has used the Internet to purchase something and 50% has shopped more than once.  Does that surprise you?  Not really.  No longer do you need to be there physically to buy whatever your heart desires; simply go to the store site, click on the product, checkout.  A purchase online can be made in minutes complete with free or nominal S&H, compared to the hassle and factors that have to be considered when you want to go out to shop.  Think I am over-exaggerating?  Consider some of these factors:

Time Saving: As listed above, you can purchase an item from your home in a matter of 15 minutes, in comparison to going there physically and POTENTIALLY, having the item sold out when you get there.  Saving on gas money is always a plus.

Variety: Electronics for example, you need to know more about brand and reviews for it.  Should you buy an Acer or HP monitor?  Online purchases gives you a vast amount of information regarding ANY product, with a link towards who has it available for the best deal.  Why settle for anything less when you can have the best in your range, in just the few clicks.

No Crowd: We have either been a part of OR seen news regarding door crasher deals.  We have also seen how chaotic it can be, for the said deals.  With online purchases just as good as the physical deals, many consumers would rather buy online than be a potential part in the next news segment.

Cost and Efficiency are the key words on what consumers consider before buying.

Of course, our first thought when we go to physically shop is major malls, for instance, in Toronto, we have Scarborough Town Centre, Hillcrest, Square One, Eaton Centre, just a few I can list off the top of my head.  In the malls itself exist corporate companies, with the occasional sole proprietor owner.  Online, we have big e-commerce sites such as Amazon or Aliexpress, to name a few.


Now, I want to bring up some important facts:

  • Popular malls have their own site, and potentially a mobile app to promote their stores
  • Millions of dollars are spent yearly on marketing
  • For new owners, establishing interest is a major problem
  • A personal website is a start, but not enough, especially if there is no dedicated following.

Understanding these facts, we can see how popularity is based on your followers, networking and despite an owner having a valuable product, without the proper tools, it’s only going to be a constant uphill battle, a battle that can be lost in a moment’s notice.

The phrase “You have to spend money to make money”, has been a long standing quote that stands true for businesses and entrepreneurs.  Budget is always an issue where ROI (Return on Investment), plays as a major factor on what needs to be spent to keep their business running.

Tools and Talent; the key towards success.

As mentioned before, this is the time where technology is paving a new path for retailers with Mobile Apps, as the TRENDING source to generate attention for businesses.  The more exposure, the higher the chance of a sale.  To most, developing an app by themselves, has the same success rate as learning and understanding rocket science in an hour...NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE.  The next logical choice, would be to hire someone to make the app for you, but the budget to keep it constantly updated without prior knowledge is another investment that might not potentially work out.  So what should you know

  1. Be prepared to jump on opportunities (by knowing your comfort levels/plan in advance)
  2. Take calculated chances with a cap you don’t mind using.

Tapp Studios understands the difficulties new owners have towards promoting their business.  With various factors that need to be considered; age groups, target audience, location, popularity are just a few problems that arise.  All of these are considered, as we find the right audience for you.  We believe that every dollar you save is a success, and with a dedicated team that is behind you every step of the way, we will ensure that your company will be noticed to the audience that requires your services. 

Targeted, measurable, and direct consumer engagement; Tapp is made to provide all the necessities needed for you to understand how our app works.  Know what is being advertised, learn about current trends, and see real time data of the consumers around you.